A Beautiful Cotton Candy Sunset

20 Oct

I spent a few hours at Anthony’s house this afternoon and left right around dinnertime, about 6pm.  As we walked out of his house, we looked out onto one of the most beautiful sunsets (in terms of color, not setting).  I snapped a quick picture on my phone and when I got home got the picture onto the computer.  When I thought about what it looked like, the colors kept remind me of cotton candy – a layering of bright pink and dull blue sitting on a paper stick and so ready to be eaten.  I could really go for some cotton candy right now.

Tonight’s Sunset.

A Cotton Candy Tree.

How Good Does This Look?


Because of my cotton candy craze right now, I’m going to go into the city next week and eat at a Japanese restaurant on St. Mark’s Street that Yuxi and I always go to.  They have very traditional dishes such as raw octopus in a light butter sauce, all types of yakitori (skewers), and it was here that I was introduced to plum wine – or Umeshu in Japanese – and have since been in love.  And the best part of the restaurant is that they give each guest a shot glass worth of cotton candy sugar and have a machine outside that you can make your own pink and blue treat!  I’ll review them next week.


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